OptMag Adapters

OptMag are high performance extenders for B4 mount zoom and prime lenses to PL mount S35 cameras.

Musashi OptMag Plus

Optical adaptor for B4 mount lens to large sensor camera

Maximum usage of B4 Mount lenses
Familiar B4 Mount lenses can be used effectively. No angle of view changes occur when attaching the OptMag Plus

Achievement of high zoom magnification
Allows the use of high magnification B4 Mount zoom lenses for sport, theater and other shooting applications on S35 PL Mount cameras

Specifications OptMag Plus

Product Name OptMag Plus
Model TL-OM4K
Image format S35 format (Ø 29mm)
Lens Mount
Camera Mount
B4 Mount Lens
PL Mount Camera
Magnification x2.5
F-No F1.4
Weight 600g
Support 1/4″ lens suppurt
Column 1 Value 8 Column 2 Value 8

OptMag x1.4 (TL-OM14F)

Use S35 lenses on FullFrame Cameras (Sensor Ø 44mm)

The adaptor is designed to bring out the maximum optical performance of Super 35mm format PL mount lenses and to minimize optical performance deterioration.

OptMag x1.7 (TL-OMFF)

Use S35 lenses on Large Format Cameras (Sensor Ø46.3mm)

OptMag for Full-Frame enables attaching many Super 35mm format PL mount lenses available in the market to cameras with a large format sensor, achieving images which are not possible with still lenses.

Explore the possibilities!

The OptMag TL-OMFF expands the Premier and Cabrio PL-mount lenses by 1.7x, so that they can cover larger format cameras (up to 46.3mm diagonal image size), such as the Sony VENICE, Arri ALEXA LF and RED WEAPON. Fujinon claims that when the Premier and Cabrio lenses are used with the OptMag TL-OMFF they are still capable of maintaining excellent optical performance.

OptMore Adapters

OptMore are 4K performance PL lens extenders for 35mm format PL mount zoom and prime lenses.

OptMore x2 (TL-FFX2)

Use S35 lenses on FullFrame Cameras (Sensor Ø 46.3mm)

OptMore for Full-Frame x2 Extender is an optical adapter to mount a PL mount Full-Frame format lens on a large format sensor camera (max. sensor Ø 46.3mm) with less light drop.

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