The KIPON BAVEYES B4 > S35 Converter is designed to enable the use of of high resolution 2/3″ B4 mount lenses on modern Super-35 cameras. The image will be enlarged by 2.9x up to 32.5mm. The 7 lens in 4 groups optics also correct the color shift of the 2/3″ lenses, which was originally needed for the 2/3″ 3-Chip CCD sensor. The adapter allows light to pass through up to an aperture of 1.8 and is designed for high resolution lenses. With a max. immersion depth of 19mm, the B4 > S35 Converter is compatible with a wide range of 2/3″ HD zoom lenses.

The optical design consisting of 7 lenses in 4 groups uses high refractive index and low dispersion glass and has been optimized for maximum contrast transmission and minimum aberrations with state-of-the-art optical design software. Tolerance and stray light analysis by special software, avoids ghosting and reflections already at the design stage and ensures maximum imaging performance.

Technical Data