We are honored to announce COLIBRI set lenses in Seattle before the end of 2022, target those cinematographers who need compact with high quality cine style lenses.

Lens character:

  1. Compact with light weight, multi-mount (CANON RF/SONY E/PANASONIC L) good for those who use RED Komodo、Raptor、SONY a7S、 α7S II、a7S III、 FX9、FX6、FX3、FX30、CANON C、CANON R5、CANON R5 C70、PANASONIC S1H、BS1H
  2. 5 kinds of Special designed iris, can create unique bokeh with cinematic feeling
  3. Outstanding color rendering
  4. 300 degrees of focus distance, more flexibility to shoot, with built-in Swiss-made bearing system, making focus control more smooth and accurate
  5. United design with color character, very convenient for post editing.
  6. 5 lenses with the same 77mmx0.75 filter thread
  7. Well-controlled lens breath during focusing

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The retailer price for Colibri set would be 9880USD /tax included , preorder start from Dec 27, 2022, delivering time would be from Mar 1 2023.

Preorder link from here:

US client: https://kipon.com/product/colibri-24-35-50-75-90mm-set-lenses/

Client out of US: https://www.kipon-global.com/product-page/colibri-cine-lenses-24-35-50-75-90mm