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Colibri 24/35/50/75/90mm set lenses

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We are honored to announce COLIBRI set lenses in Seattle before the end of 2022, target those cinematographers who need compact with high quality cine style lenses.

For more information click here

For more information click here


The retailer price for Colibri set would be 9880USD /tax included ,  preorder start from Dec 27, 2022, delivering time would be from Mar 1 2023.

Lens character:

  1. Compact with light weight, multi-mount (CANON RF/SONY E/PANASONIC L) good for those who use RED Komodo、Raptor、SONY a7S、 α7S II、a7S III、 FX9、FX6、FX3、FX30、CANON C、CANON R5、CANON R5 C70、PANASONIC S1H、BS1H
  2. 5 kinds of Special designed iris, can create unique bokeh with cinematic feeling
  3. Outstanding color rendering
  4. 300 degrees of focus distance, more flexibility to shoot, with built-in Swiss-made bearing system, making focus control more smooth and accurate
  5. United design with color character, very convenient for post editing.
  6. 5 lenses with the same 77mmx0.75 filter thread
  7. Well-controlled lens breath during focusing





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