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KIPON Tilt Adapter for Nikon F Mount lens to Sony E mount camera

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KIPON is a registered trademark of camera lens adapters. KIPON adapters are recognized by photographic professionals all over the world. KIPON is dedicated to continues development and production of new exciting products.

KIPON Tilt NIK-S/E adapter is designed for the Sony E mount camera, allowing Nikon F mount lenses to bemounted onto Sony E mount camera bodies.

This adapter features a 360°free rotation in addition to a tilt function that can be tilted a maximum of 12°to provide the user with more compositional control.

The tilt function enables you to highlight specific subjects in a photo, bringing objects in and out of focus as you like. Whats more, you are on longer limited to focusing on different planes. Instead, you can choose to focus on specific objects that are the same distance form the camera.the range of photography is greatly expanded. When located in its default resting position, the adapter can be used like any other standard non-tilt adapter.

Using the knobs on the sliver ring of the adapter, turn the component in a clockwise direction to loosen and allow adjustment of the angle. Once at the desired angle, turn in a counterclockwise direction to lock into place.

With KIPON Tilt NIK-S/E adapter, although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, and other functions will not work, only manual model will be available.


  1. Durable, high quality
  2. Made of Alum or Brass, with perfect surface finishing and super precise design
  3. Focus infinity feature is available for use with our camera adapter
  4. 360º Rotation
  5. Approx. Tilt angle 12º

Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON Tilt NIK-S/E Adapter

Please note that not all camera models and lenses are compatible with this adapter.