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KIPON Shift Adapter for Canon FD Mount lens to Micro Four Thirds M4/3 MFT mount camera

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For more information click here


KIPON Shift FD-M4/3 mounts Canon FD series lenses onto Panasonic and Olympus Micro Four Thirds MFT M4/3 series mirrorless camera bodies and professional video camera bodies, please note that after mounting the adapter, while infinity focus is available, only manual mode will be accessible in shooting. This adapter features a 360°free rotation in addition to a fluid 15mm shifting function that provides the user with more compositional control.

The shift function minimize any size distortions that may result from objects being seen an an angle. For instance, buildings can now maintain their even straight dimensions deposit the angle of photography. When located in its default resting position, the adapter can be used like any other standard non-shift adapter. A pin fixing the adapter to the lens also allows for aperture control from lens.

To adjust the shift of the adapter, hold down the silver trigger and slide the moving component to desired length. Once adjusted, release the trigger to fix into place.

  • Features
  1. Durable, high quality
  2. Made of Alum or Brass, with perfect surface finishing and super precise design
  3. Focus infinity feature is available for use with our camera adapter
  4. Shift function
  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON Shift FD-M4/3 Adapter








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