PRO Lock Version Baveyes Mamiya 645-Arri PL 0.7x

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KIPON PRO Lock Version Baveyes 0.7x Optical Adapter Focal Reducer for Mamiya 645 Mount lens to PL mount Cine camera

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KIPON M645-PL 0.7x PRO is a high quality optical adapter which allows Mamiya 645 medium format lenses to mount on full frame PL cine camera body. In addition, you can use it together with our mechnical adapters in order to mount on Arri LPL, Sony E, Canon RF or Panasonic L mount cine cameras. The adapter works with all digital sensors, not including film cameras.

With M645-PL 0.7x PRO, although the lens will fit physically, automatic diaphragm, auto-focusing, or any other electronic functions will not work.

Pro lock style version
M645-PL 0.7x PRO is specially designed for video shooting as a both-sides-locked style, which eliminates any shaking of the lens and provides stability for photography.

One stop brighter
By reducing the focal length of the lens, M645-PL 0.7x PRO increases light transmission, effectively increasing the aperture. For example, an F2.8 lens turns to F2.0. The depth of field is more blurred.

0.7x wider
Built-in 3 groups of 5 optical glasses, which reduce the focal length by 0.7, the effective length becomes shorter so that the shooting range is larger. It allows the medium format lens view angle to be restored on a full frame sensor.

  • Features
  1. Built-in 3 groups of 5 high quality optical glasses
  2. Solid well-made, with the best quality
  3. Designed in Germany
  4. Compatible with a wide range of cine cameras
  5. One stop brighter and 0.7x wider
  6. Focus infinity is available
  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON BAVEYES M645-PL 0.7 PRO Adapter
  •  clients who purchased KIPON old version M645-PL 0.7x can get 50% discount off based on the standard retail price after providing invoice/sales record, please contact us in advance.