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LPL 2x CINE Extender

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KIPON BAVEYES CINE Extender 2x for LPL Mount Cine Lenses

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KIPON BAVEYES CINE Extender 2x is designed to double the focal length of cine lenses. The adapter allows light to pass through up to an aperture of 1.4. During the design process, care was taken to leave the character of the lenses used largely unchanged and to ensure the greatest possible compatibility with as many lenses as possible. With a max. immersion depth of 14mm (LPL mount), the 2x extender is compatible with a wide range of cine prime and zoom lenses.

The optical design consisting of 7 lenses in 4 groups uses high refractive index and low dispersion glass and has been optimized for maximum contrast transmission and minimum aberrations with state-of-the-art optical design software. Tolerance and stray light analysis by special software, avoids ghosting and reflections already at the design stage and ensures maximum imaging performance.

An integrated option to finely adjust the flange focal distance via rotary wheel (FFD Adjustment +/- 0.05mm), allows a quick fine tuning of the flange focal distance without the use of tools and shims. The adapter is pre-adjusted to 44.00mm flange focal length (LPL FFD) ex works.

A lens checker is included in the package for you to test whether your lens can be compatible with the adapter.

Technical Data

In addition the Cine Extender 2x features a support thread for 1/4″ support rods at the bottom of the Adapter. The special cutouts on the LPL and PL mounts in front of the Adapters facilitates mounting and dismounting of lenses, as they allow the air flow in and out.

● Features
1. With back focal adjustable structure
2. Built in 4 groups of 7 glasses with high refractive index and low dispersion
3. Max. light input of F1.4
4. Max. lens immersion depth of 14mm
5. Designed in Geramny

6. The lens checker is included in the package


For clients located in North America/South America, please order at BandPro.
For clients located in the UK, please order at CVP.

For clients located in Germany/Switzerland/Austria, please order at kipon.de 







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