EF-RF AF 0.7

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KIPON BAVEYES Autofocus Adapter Focal Reducer for Canon EOS Mount DSLR lens to Canon EOS RF mount Mirrorless camera

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KIPON Baveyes released the focal reducer that bring Canon full frame EF lenses on Canon EOS R camera bodies and RED Komodo, Raptor VV, etc., with APS-C or cropped APS-C sensor. By condensing the full frame coverage of the lens to a smaller APS-C image circle, we get great low-light capability in video mode on cameras which adopt the center cropping strategy. Footage has the appearance of the full frame sensor size.

High frame rate shooting under high resolution
EF-RF AF 0.7x realizes the increase of shooting speed and MTF. Filmmakers are now able to mitigate most of the 4K video crop factor of EOS R (1.75x) and EOS RP (1.63x) and reduce it to 1.23x and 1.14x respectively. Especially under Super-35 frame, high frame rate shooting of 6K resolution can be achieved. It works not only for video photography, but also for still shots.

One stop brighter
By reducing the focal length of the lens, EF-RF AF 0.7x increases light transmission, effectively increasing the aperture of a lens. For example, an F2.8 lens turns to F2.0, the depth of field is more blurred at the same time.

Fast and accurate autofocus
EF-RF AF 0.7x is equipped with electronic contact and built-in circuit board, which supports EXIF information transmission, lens/camera stabilization and USB firmware update.

  • Features

1. Increas MTF/resolution and frame rate
2. One stop brighter image
3. Built in 3 groups of 5 high-quality optical glasses
4. Fast and accurate autofocus
5. USB firmware update

  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON EF-RF AF 0.7 Adapter








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