Contax RF-NIK Z(integrated version)

SKU 6972785170541


KIPON Advanced version Adapter for Contax RF Mount lens to Nikon Z mount Mirrorless camera

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KIPON CRF-N/Z I adapter can mount Contax RF series lenses onto Nikon Z full frame camera. Please note that after mounting the adapter, while infinity focus is available, only manual mode will be accessible in shooting. This adapter is an advanced model of the KIPON CRF-N/Z and compatible with both Contax RF series inner and outer bayonet lenses. Refer to indicator on the adapter for focal length and aperture value when compatible with outer bayonet lenses.

  • Features
  1. Durable, high quality
  2. Made of Alum or Brass, with perfect surface finishing and super precise design
  3. Focus infinity feature is available for use with our camera adapter
  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON CRF-N/Z I Adapter