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Baveyes MAMIYA645-GFX 0.8x

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KIPON 0.8x Focal Reducer Optics Adapter for Mamiya 645 Medium Format Mount Lens to Fuji GFX Medium Format Camera

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KIPON Baveyes 0.8x introduced lens adapters that bring the medium format optics Mamiya 645 to Fuji G mount cameras, virtually eliminating any crop factor image loss and maintaining diagonal angle of view.

Reduce the focal length by 0.8,and multiply the focal length by 0.8 based on the origin,so that the effective focal length becomes shorter and the shooting range is larger. With 0.8x adapter,you can get the similar feeling using these lenses on original assorted cameras.

Built-in 3 groups of 5 optical lenses, increase aperture one stop,the focal length multiply by 0.8 (equivalent focal length = actual focal length ,crop factor *0.8) based on the origin,such as F2.8 turned to F2,so that the depth of field is more blurred,changed also 0.8x.

M645-GFX 0.8x optic applied telecentric design,to let light coming into the digital sensor vertically as far as possible. for some lenses, after using 0.8x focal reducer, lens quality would possiblely improved.

  • Features
  1. Make effective focal length shorter so the shooting range is larger.
  1. Increase aperture one stop, the depth of field is more blurred.
  1. Built in 3 groups of 5 high-quality optical glasses.
  1. The surface is made of metal, solid well-made.
  1. Focus infinity is ok with this adapter.
  • Package Includes: 1x Brand New KIPON BAVEYES M645-GFX 0.8 Adapter








Customer Reviews (4.00)

(1 customer review)

1 review for Baveyes MAMIYA645-GFX 0.8x

  1. Olivier Wolan

    Have it Adapters with m645 120mm macro mamiya f4.0 lens. The lens is a perfect manual portrait lens sharp from 5.5 on to 11.0, it has a very good organic look with smooth separation. Is not adequate to use it for Marco close up with kipon adapter booster. The m645 mamiya 50mm f 1.9 lens is sharp and useful fro 2.8 to 11.0, this lens has a excellent separation but very interesting at night photography or in places with less ambient light. The adapter works well, it gives the extra stop. The sharpness is comparable with the gfx lenses with an organic touch. Interesting are the flares that take place with the lens that give its personal touch ti the lenses. Kipon did a great work the makes this older but excellent lenses.

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