KIPON start to sell the electronic adapter EF-GFX E from July 25, to use Canon lens on GFX medium format camera GFX50s, with built-in rechargeable lithium battery,can control the iris of Canon EF lens electronically.The target market for this adapters is those pro photographers they want to use their Canon EF mount tele prime lens and tilt&shift lens on FUJI GFX50s camera.


 KIPON have been developing unique high quality adapters in the past ten years,for this unique out-looking designed adapter,besides very solid metal made,there also engraved a very nice dragon sign on the adapter surface.

on the another side of adapter, the display can show the value of lens f stop and focal distance. Photographers can see the values in left side under shooting, and can adjust the f stop value to meet the demand of working. 

this adapter is equipped with USB upgrade port, if necessary, end-users can download the firmware to do upgrade by themselves.

for those who have both Canon EF and Contax645 mount medium format lens, KIPON gave a integrated solution, end-uses can connect EF-GFX E and Contax645-EF AF ,these two adapters together, also can control the iris of Contax645 lens electronically. For those clients who already ordered EF-GFX E adapter, they can buy as a kit with a 50% discounted extra Contax645-EF autofocus adapter, to reduce the order cost of buying two adapters.

The suggested retailer price for this EF-GFX E electronic adapter is 386 USD, the price for kit with Contax645-EF AF is 568 USD,pls inquire KIPON dealers in different area to buy.