KIPON start to accept preorder for new developed 0.8x focal reducers as below for using medium format lenses on smaller medium format digital cameras with 44x33mm cmos sensors, including Fuji G mount and Hasselblad X mount cameras.

Mamiya645-GFX 0.8x
Pentax 645-GFX 0.8x
Pentax67-GFX 0.8x
Hasselblad V-GFX 0.8x
Pentacon6 GFX 0.8x

First lot shipment date would be from Jul 18, price for early bird would be 851USD, 12% discount off from standard retailer price 968USD, now only can order from www.

  • To respect our loyal clients:

For those clients who bought KIPON formal compromised 0.7x optics version as below can get 50% discount off based on standard retail price 968USD after provide Invoice/sales record:

Mamiya 645-GFX 0.7

Pentax 645-GFX 0.7

Pentax 67-GFX 0.7

Hasselblad V-GFX 0.7