As a leader of adapter manufacturer, KIPON released two new Baveyes focal reducers this week as follows,

1. Baveyes L/M-S/E 0.65x

2. Baveyes L/M-FUJI X 0.65x

As always, the optic design is done by KIPON’s German partner IB/E OPTICS, there are set of 5 optical elements inside the adapter. its tele-centric design aims at highest image quality while minimizing crop factor. For the outlooking design, Swarovski crystal be decorated in the adapter surface.



Now KIPON carries in total three line up Baveyes focal reducers,

Medium format lens to Full frame body (0.7x)

Full frame lens to Apsc body(0.71x)

Now for two newly launched focal reducers, the retailer price would be:


Baveyes L/M-S/E 0.65x     638USD

Baveyes L/M-FUJI X 0.65x   595USD


The date when these two adapters are available in the market is not fixed yet.