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Musashi OptMag x1.4 (TL-OM14F)



Musashi Optical System Adapter OptMag x1.4 (TL-OM14F) PL Mount Expander

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Use S35 lenses on FullFrame Cameras (Sensor Ø 44mm)

The adaptor is designed to bring out the maximum optical performance of Super 35mm format PL mount lenses and to minimize optical performance deterioration.

The OptMag TL-OM14F 1.4x Expander from Musashi Optical System adapts your Super 35 PL-mount lenses to cover full frame sensors with an image circle up to 44mm. This covers the traditional 36 x 24mm sensor size and smaller. Its optical design was created to minimize the impact on the optical character of the lens.

The expander increases your focal length by 1.4x and reduces your light by just 1 stop, making it possible to convert a Super 35 lens to cover full frame sensors. The 1.4x expander sets up easily with its own integrated flange back adjustment with no shimming necessary. The Super 35 lens used must cover an image circle of at least 31mm into the camera natively.







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